August 2023


Best CA center in Nepal
Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is a big step toward a fulfilling and prosperous career. Also, now is an excellent time to pursue this career because the need for qualified CAs is growing in Nepal with the country’s expanding economy. However, picking the best CA center in Nepal to embark on your CA journey might...
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Gurukul CA Triumphs All Nepal's Top 10 Ranks in CA-CAP I june 2023
Gurukul CA, has made history this year by not only earning the coveted All Nepal Rank 1 in CA but also being successful in getting 10 Rank holders in all Nepal top 10 ranks in CA CAP I exams held in June 2023.
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ICAN Board exam in Nepal
If you’re an aspiring CA and wondering how to crack the ICAN  board exam, you’ve landed in the right place! The entire CA journey demands your sweat, effort and a tad bit of smart planning! So, brace yourself together; we will delve into the essential tips to help you crack the  Institute of Chartered Accountants...
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