CA profession is regarded as one of the most prestigious and respected profession

Lesser Cost

CA course has low education cost as compared to other available professional courses.

Lucrative Career

CA profession is considered to be an extremely lucrative and prosperous career in the society.

Bright Future

CAs have a bright future as the scope is worldwide and the demand of CAs is ever-increasing and promising.

Admission and Counseling

CAP I December 2023 & CAP II June 2024 Exams

Admission is open for CAP I December 2023 exams. The last date for ICAN Registration is May 31, 2023. Hurry Up if you are willing to join CA and save 6 months. Counseling is going on at Bagbazar and Baneshwor. 
We offer admissions counseling services to help you navigate the process of CA Education. Our experienced counselors will guide you through each step of the CA Course, from selecting the right time of admission to selecting the module of study i.e. online or offline. We provide personalized support to ensure that you make informed decisions and take the best possible move towards your dream of becoming Chartered Accountant. Apply for online counseling now and let us help you achieve your academic goals and secure your future success. 

Gurukul CA

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About Gurukul CA

Gurukul Commerce Academy is a leading CA Education institute, with the most reputed teachers of CA fraternity working passionately for the students through conceptual clarity and easy study techniques. 

We, at Gurukul, have our own study materials specifically designed by the best faculties for respective subjects. Located in two major places in Kathmandu, Bagbazar and Baneshwor, Gurukul CA provides best environment to the CA aspirants by making it convenient to study at whichever location they prefer.

Best Faculties

One of the things that sets Gurukul CA apart from other institutes is the dedication and commitment of our teachers. They are passionate about their work and ..

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Friendly Notes

At Gurukul CA. we take pride in the fact that we have our own self-made books for our students. These books have been carefully crafted by our team of experienced and ..

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Video Backup

Gurukul CA is committed to providing our students with the best possible education and support. That is why we offer free video classes as a backup to our students. One of the ..

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Let it be CAP I, CAP II or CAP III, Gurukul CA has been successful in getting the best out of students by providing the proper direction, strategies for exams, support and …

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At Gurukul CA, we organize Professional Development Program (PDP), a program specially designed to enhance the soft skills of Gurukul CA students who have appeared in ..

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Pillars of Gurukul CA



The first pillar of Gurukul CA is it’s faculties. We believe that faculties play the most important role in shaping the foundational level of students in the CA study path. The CA course is not tough but it is made for tough people and our faculties are their to guide the tough people achieve their dreams. Our team of teachers consists of mainly CAs and senior teachers who have a passion in teaching and are committed to get excellent results from students. Our name “Gurukul” itself means the place of teachers and in CA education teaches play the most crucial role in helping student succeed. We are proud of our excellent teachers who are the foundation of this organisation. 


The second pillar of Gurukul CA are notes. From many years of experience and success, we have concluded that the quality of notes provided to the students determine the quality of understanding. Thats why we make provide our students, the notes made by the teacher themselves to make students comfortable while they study in the class with the same teachers and provide instant feedback to the teachers if any changes are to be made. We also update our notes to incorporate any amendments and industry developments so that the students are well equipped.


At Gurukul we are passionate about technology and are always looking for new ideas to implement technology in eduction. Let it be hardware or software, we have the best in class teaching devices in all our classrooms and software for students as well as management. We also provide our students with Video Backup in collaboration with Hamro Academy so that student would not panic in case any classes are missed. The video backups are of great use in case students want to revise the concepts before exams or even after the exams if they want to reappear a paper.


The soul of any organisations is its management. We have a proactive management team which is always there to help students. Our management has a successful record of arranging classes on time and limiting the class cancellation to less that 2%. We make sure each and every students are provided with the books and other resources on time and are never compromised. Our Directors, CA Meghraj Aryal, CA Mukul Bhatt and CA Arun Aryal, are always there for students and are willing to go beyond the expectations of students to help them even more by using their experience and expertise in CA education.

Teach with Us

If you are passionate about teaching and are willing to be the part of faculty member at Gurukul CA, we are eager to set an appointment and talk to you.

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Students' Feedback

What do students say about us?
  • I feel extremely privileged to be a part of Gurukul CA which has provided me with best facilities, inspiring and motivating teacher and guiding me to be a successful CA.





    Shailesh Kattel
    All Nepal Rank 1st, CAP I December 2017 Examinations
  • Simply, I will like to say that Do Good from your side, Gurukul will make you Excellent. And About CA Course, It is like reading a Newspaper, every content are easily understandable. But, As newspaper it is very lengthy and requires very high dedication to keep reading.



    Bikash Dangol
    All Nepal Rank 1st, CAP I - June 2018 Examinations
  • I witnessed for myself the homely environment, friendly staffs and the dedicated teachers who run and complete this institute. I am eagerly looking forward to my journey with Gurukul.




    Lujala Maharjan
    All Nepal Rank 1st CAP II-December 2018 Examinations
  • I am eternally grateful to be a part of Gurukul. Gurus and faculty members have left no stones unturned to make me feel right as home. Theirs excellent way of teaching, constructive suggestions and powerful motivations has helped me pave my path for my successful future.



    Abhiyan Shrestha
    All Nepal Rank 2nd CAP I, December 2017 Examinations
  • I consider myself lucky to be a part of Gurukul CA as right selection is essential for desired results. All thanks to the inspiring & supportive teachers accompanied by equally helpful staff members, one gets provided with upper hand on CA studies by Gurukul CA



    Sagun Jang Rana
    All Nepal Rank 1st, CAP II - December 2019 Examinations
  • It’s the choices that we make that determines the outcome. Gurukul has been the most prudent selection I made. If the effort you make for CA course is accompanied with the same proportion of guidance, it makes it easy to crack it. The highly dedicated and experienced faculties recognize that every student have their own study habits that needs to be catered and guided accordingly.

    Shreya Tiwari
    All Nepal Rank 1st, CAP I, June 2021
  • I am immensely pleased to be a part of Gurukul CA. The overwhelming support, guidance, motivation of highly dedicated faculty members and management helped me built a strong foundation to pursue my goal. I am very excited to continue my further journey with Gurukul.



    Sanchit Bhandari
    All Nepal Rank 1st, CAP I, December 2020 & CAP II, December 2021
  • To be very precise, if had to pick the best decision I ever made, joining Gurukul would top the list. In Gurukul, resource materials are so well designed that they provide comprehensive syllabus coverage. Talking about faculties, they have been superb. The online classes backup was the cherry over the cake. You are treated so personally that you are a name not a number at Gurukul.

    Bigya Subedi
    All Nepal Rank 2nd June 2022
  • I want to learn and I want to shine with true and pure knowledge. And as the name “Gurukul” suggests, Gurukul CA has allowed me to do just that. It is an absolute honour for me to have been a part of this insanely hardworking community in Gurukul CA. Even if I can’t compare, I know Gurukul is the best there is.


    Suyog Raj Deuja
    All Nepal Rank 3rd Dec 2022